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Burger Showcase

Burger Showcase

Wrapped in fours

4 rare-breed burgers, with 4 demi-brioche buns from Marcus Miller. The burger mix and breed of beef will vary every week, but they'll always be 100% beef with bone marrow for flavour. Available for delivery ONLY on Fridays & Saturdays

4 x 180g
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Cooking tips

Burger Showcase

1. Ensure the burgers at room temperature. (Remove from the fridge at least 2 hours before cooking.)
2. Get your grill or pan smoking hot.
3. At the last minute, season well with T&G Classic Rub – don’t use oil, if the grill or pan is hot enough, it won’t stick. However, if you are suing a flat pan you could brush the burger with a little oil before putting on.
4.Stick your burgers on! Leave for a couple of mins to get a good colour then turn. Keep turning regularly to avoid burning.

Cook for:
180g burgers: Medium 6-8 minutes   Medium Well 8-10 minutes 

5. Rest on a warm plate, not too hot to touch, for at least 10 minutes.
6. Lightly toast your buns, build your burger and tuck in and enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: To cook to perfection, professional chefs would use a meat thermometer.
Interior Temperatures for precise cooking: Medium rare: 60oC, Medium: 70oC, Medium Well: 80oC